5 Tips to Quickly Create Scrapbook Pages Like a Pro

Are you guilty of collecting scrapbook pages, embellishments, mementos, and photos but never got around to scrapbooking?

Maybe you don’t have the luxury of spending hours on end on weekends cutting and gluing. Or perhaps you attempt to start your project but give up when you can’t decide on the perfect page layout.

Creating a scrapbook doesn’t have to be a mind-boggling task or drain your creative juices. With these nifty tips, scrapbooking can be an easier and quicker endeavour.

1. Use smaller scrapbook pages

Filling up a 12×12 page takes up more time than designing an 8×8 page. Go for the latter when you need to save time since you won’t have to use too many embellishments or photographs with the limited space.

BONUS TIP: When looking at your choices for supplies, look for themed paper pads. These are sets of sheets that come in colours and designs with a single motif. This can save you the task of mixing and matching materials. Check out Papermaze Scrapbooking Supplies for a collection of themed scrapbook pages Australia supplies.

2. Pre-sort and don’t crop pictures

Before you start putting everything together, first choose what photographs you’ll use and group them according to which ones go together per page. Save even more time by just using the photos in their original size instead of cutting or cropping them. If you need to make them appear smaller on the page so the focal image stands out, use washi tape or cut-out borders to decrease their size. Or you can just layer them over each other when arranging them on the sheet (this also helps when you have a smaller paper to work on).

3. Use scrapbook page sketches

You can easily find scrapbook pages Australia sketches online. These are pre-designed outlines of various layouts you can use for your scrapbook sheets. You don’t have to come up with a whole new design yet still create a creative and organised layout.

4. Go for quicker journaling methods

Photographs can convey only part of the story. Supplement them with bits of text which provide more info of that special moment. A quick way to add your own descriptions is to make lists or answer the 5 Ws. Jot them down on journaling cards that you can quickly adhere to your scrapbook pages.

If you want more lengthy texts, you can pre-write them on your computer then print them on cardstock. Make sure they’re trimmed to the right size and then stick them on.

5. Add simple embellishments

Washi tape and stickers are fun and easy to work with. There are so many colours, patterns, and designs to choose from. You can also use pre-cut frames or borders.

BONUS TIP: If you are working with plain sheets and want to add some style and texture, tear up some colourful paper which goes with your theme and layer them on the page. Voila! You have a creative background. Arrange your photos, journaling, and chosen embellishments on top of the layers of torn paper, and you’re done.

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